The answer is: a metal box

This is the kind of small, smart answers Japanese find to trivial problems such as “HOW THE HELL CAN I STOP LOOSING THESE HAIR PINS?”
I bet most of you have had this moment where, two days after buying three packs of bobby pins, being late for a very important meeting, you find yourself looking in the corners of your house, under the pillows and in every drawer, for one pin to tame that rebellious strand of hair; but -no surprise- you cannot find it!!

While looking around in a hundred yen shop, I saw one of these metal boxes. I didn’t think much of it at first, especially with the colorful plastic package it came in. But I thought I’d give a try because you never have too many bobby pins (especially with hair like mine in humidity like the one in Japan), and mostly because they were made in Japan, out of curiosity as how different are the Japanese products.
Unpacked, these little boxes look just beautiful. They fit nicely in the small pocket of my bag and they don’t open easily to spill their content everywhere.
But most of all, they looked cute. Not Japanese cute (no offence to Japanese friends), just cute as in if they had a small brand sign engraved on a corner, I’m sure they’d sell nicely in a bigger shop for a higher price.