Daily fix

This is a dynamic list of blogs I enjoy day in day out!!

From Morocco:
Fashion Bakchic: the Moroccan version of visionary fashion.
Lamirose: I like the simplicity and the feeling of home in this blog
Le grand bazar: The diary of a mum in Casablanca and her DIY projects

From Turkey:
Nil Erturk: I love her fresh look on fashion.
Billur Saatci: If you’re not already in love with Istanbul, get ready to be swept off of your feet. And the fashion is just inspirational.
Iconjane: another must stop by fashion blog from Turkey.
Yasemin’s Kitchen: For some nice Turkish recipes.
Ottoman Dandy: the future sartorialist of the east.

From Japan:
Stubborn Bunny: I don’t get all the Japanese neither, but the illustrations speak of themselves.
Little oven stories: Adrianna is a very good story teller and an even better cook 🙂
Japalian: The place to go if you want an insight into Japan from a variety of standpoints.
This Japanes life: Besides being a fine read, it presents Japanese culture at its strangest and craziest.


Any thoughts...

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