Daikon, the giant turnip

Or so I thought at first. Because where I come from, there is no such a thing as daikon.
Well, I must have seen Daikons in Japanese cartoons when I was a kid, but I was a kid and there was no google so I couldn’t just touch the screen of my phone to get a full botanical definition of the thing.
So back to the present day and the blessings of internet, and here I hame seeing Daikon lurking at me from every corner of every supermarket. It is crazy how much they sell of them, and how cheap!!
For a long time I was just walking by ignoring them, but then I got to taste the buggers. And boy do they taste nice when pickled.
So long story short, it started with that little bite, then it was my plate of pickles every time we ate out. After a while the Daikon pickles became part of the weekly shopping list. Until the day I could lie to myself anymore and got me a nice Tsukemono (pickles in Japanese, for my two cents of Japanese of the day)book, and half a Daikon to start with. And yes, Daikons are so big that they are cut and sold by halves.
So here how I made my first Daikon pickles ever:
– Half a Daikon
– One Yuzu
– 1 big spoon of brown powder sugar
– 2 tea spoons of salt
I sliced the daikon in thin quarters as follows
Fascinating process as you could see!!
Finally, I peeled the Yuzu and cut the skin in tiny cubes (the size of the nail of my little finger, as kindly indicated by my recipe).
Then pressed a mixture under an improvised weight. I should have had something like the glass dish in the middle of the picture below, but seen as I am not ready yet to become a pickles pro, I just piled up mu plates on the poor Daikon pickles.
In the end, it all went well, and the pickles turned out not bad at all!!!
I guess Daikon is not that bad after all 🙂

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