On the path to “Fear & trembling”

we want you

this picture was taken from a Japanese “job hunting” page

It all started one year ago: my big journey towards finding a job in Japan. Well, technically it started when I was six and dreaming of this country that all these Arabic dubbed Manga I watched on TV talked about. But that would be too long to share here.

So long story short: I landed in Japan a couple of years ago, and last year I was faced with three choices: continue to a PhD course, become a super qualified housewife or find a job.

For some reasons (that I might explain later), the two first choices didn’t have much appeal to me. So I decided I’d go with option three and start “job hunting”.

And I’d do it the Japanese way.

What’s the big deal? You would ask me.

The big deal is that we’re talking about JAPAN! And nothing in Japan, absolutely nothing, is left out without some rule, whether written or commonly known, to abide by.

You can get the feel of it by knowing that in Japan “job hunting season” is a whole even here. First it is a “season”, they talk about it in the news as such and there are special sales in stores for THE season. And it starts two years before graduation.

This means that if you are an undergraduate student and you are graduating let’s say in March 2014, you start looking for a job in April 2012.

That’s just another part of “the way it is” in Japan, another of these things that don’t make much sense to you, but you know that either you follow the rule or you stay in margin of the system. But once you get in, you quickly get formatted by the machine and slowly get to understand the codes and quirks of the process.

Although I began my “job hunting” quiet late, I had so far 12 months full of discoveries, many funny moments and a couple of  WTH moments.

But so far the good outweighs the bad, and I am going to tell you all about it in here.


Any thoughts...

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